Chimney Cap Installation/Repair



Chimney Cap Installation/Repair

You may be surprised but the chimney cap might be the most multi-faceted part in your chimney system. Because of its importance, it is required that each chimney have a cap. Your chimney cap is covering up what would otherwise be an open hole in the top of your home, which as a result prevents rain, snow and all other forms of precipitation from entering your flue.

Keeping birds & bees out

You might have guessed it, but chimney caps are essential in preventing animals from entering your home. An informer cap installation can be easily spotted if you start to see unwanted insects and animals entering your home somehow. In order to prevent such a situation from happening, you must ensure to get an expert professional to install your chimney cap.

How long does a chimney cap installation take?

A standard chimney cap installation will typically take about 5 to 10 minutes to install once the sweep is on the roof. On the other hand, more complex caps such as a multi-flue can take up to an hour or more to install. With the help of Chimney Sweep Masters WA’s technicians, you can be assured that your installation will be run smoothly and professionally throughout the process.

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